Iowa's [un]Protected Lands; Stream Bacteria Levels

In the light of struggles over conservation lands in Oregon, we take a look at our own state's stock of protected lands, amounting to a scarce patchwork of refuge for native and migrating species. Iowa DNR state parks veteran Mark Edwards and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation's Program and Planning Director Lisa Hein join us for this conversation. We then connect with Mary Skopec of the Iowa DNR's water monitoring staff to examine how the unprecedented rains of December 2015 affected water quality in Iowa's streams. The news is not good. Finally, Leanne Harter provides her monthly update on county government. We start the show with a look back to Saturday's live national broadcast from KHOI studios with an excerpt of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' comments at the CCI Action Fund "Putting Families First" candidate forum.

Originally broadcast 01/11/2016
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