Caucus Talk!

A jam-packed show of perspectives on the upcoming Big Event. Host Greta Anderson starts the show off in Des Moines 6:00 AM Thursday as fast-food workers strike for $15 and a union. Then, a conversation with Frances Anderson and Brenda Brink, precinct captains for Bernie Sanders, together with Bob Johnson, a first-ever political participant. Ben and Jerry share a few words, and a new ice cream flavor. Iowa State student David Kurayov tells us how students are likely to participate—or not—Monday night. And Ursula Ruedenberg files a report on the Martin O’Malley Wednesday event at Torrent Brewery, where the Governor played guitar, took a selfie, and resuscitated (well, almost) a fainter. Brett Barker, chair of the Story County Republicans, encourages caucus-goers to CHECK THEIR RESPECTIVE PARTY’S WEBSITE (and NOT campaign literature) for up-to-date, accurate caucus locations, while Sue Dinsdale of Iowa Citizens Action Network encourages caucus-goers to submit a plank on Pentagon waste. We close with Bryon Dudley’s essay on David Bowie’s Black Star, first appearing in the Iowa Informer, a new online source for Iowa politics, news, culture, and creative content. Check it out folks!

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Originally broadcast 01/29/2016
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