It's Show Time!

Caucus Day in Iowa has finally arrived. Over the weekend KHOI reporters Gale Seiler, Susan Franzen and Greta Anderson attended the final appeals of candidates Clinton, Cruz, and Rubio in Ames. They provide audio highlights and insights. We take a summary look at the Republican race with our valued commentator David Redlawsk, a political science Fellow at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement , who tweeted about more than 100 candidate events in Iowa this season and attended all 20 of the soapbox speeches at the Iowa State Fair this summer. On the Democratic side, Laura Belin, who has been writing as desmoinesdem at the Bleeding Heartland blog since 2007, shares perspectives on Bernie's rise and how the caucus system could affect results.


To caucus tonight, identify your precinct, then check the website of your county party organization for the site

Iowa Precinct Finder

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