Caucus Origins in Ames, Winter Safety, RSVP

Richard Bender tells how he was an ISU student when he began to work for Cliff Larson in Ames, anti-war oriented Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. In his work for the party, Bender proposed the changes to the Iowa Caucus process for greater democracy and grassroots input, and carried out the first years of the process before it became obvious they had started something of national importance.

Betty Boccella of Central Iowa Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) describes volunteer opportunities and training, from clerical office work, to helping young people, to finger printing and searches for missing persons. A wide variety of opportunities are available along with training for the work.

Keith Morgan , Story County Emergency Coordinator gives tips for safety in Winter and how to stay WARM - as well as your animals!.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/03/2016
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