Chinese New Year

Cinian Zheng-Durbin introduces the Chinese New Year on this first day of the Year of the Monkey. It is the 4,714th year. Other Chinese-born and raised residents of Ames Kay Han and Peng Wei give us memories from older and younger generations and share their thoughts about the future of New Year traditions both in China and here among those who emigrated to the US.

Leanne Harter, Outreach and Special Projects Manager for Story County, gives updates from the county and describes some results from the "From Cornerstone to Capstone" (C2C) long-term planning process for Story County. You are invited to give input at a public meeting February 22 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM at the Ames Public Library. Take the survey.

Pat Schlarbaum reports that the Decorah Eagles have accepted the man-made replacement nest made after their nest fell out of the tree; they are moving in so there will be a web cam this year. Eagle events.

Originally broadcast 02/08/2016
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