Muslims in the Media, ISU "STARS", Adam and Eve

The way Muslims are depicted in the media affects attitudes toward war in the Middle East and Muslim civil rights: so concludes a recent study by Dr. Craig Anderson, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at ISU. Host Greta Anderson’s interview with him is followed by the spokesperson for the Arab Student Association, an engineering and political science major from Libya, Mohamed Abufalgha, who reflects on simple cultural misunderstandings and problems that all democracies face. We then reprise a highlight from February 1’s caucus night coverage, in which Arnie Arnesen tells us the story of Bernie’s “exploratory committee” showing up on her doorstep in Concord, NH. ISU’s Director of Sustainability Merry Rankin joins us in the studio, together with her intern Kathryn Liedahl to talk about the many dimensions of the university's progress in sustainability, highlighted in their “STARS” certification report. Finally, reporter Susan Franzen brings us Nick Juelsgaard of the Boone Community Theater, starring with his wife Kelly in this and next weekends' production of the Diaries of Adam and Eve.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/12/2016
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