Presidents Day: Race, Human Dignity and the Role of Government

In honor of Presidents Day, this show focuses on several issues concerning the complicated intersections of government and the public interest.

First, Carolyn Raffensperger of the Science and Environmental Health Network talks with reporter Greta Anderson about the recent deliberations of the three-person Iowa Utilities Board concerning the proposed crude-oil Bakken pipeline which would cut across Iowa from the Dakotas.

Next Terry Lowman, founder of Iowa Unitarian Universalist Witness Advocacy Network, or IUUWAN, talks with Kay Puttock about restorative justice and the recently proposed Death with Dignity legislation.

The second half of the show honors both Presidents' Day and Black History month as Susan Franzen and Kay Puttock talk with Brian Behnken, Pofessor of History at ISU about American presidents of the civil rights era, and how they advanced or retarded the goal of human dignity for all Americans.

The show opens and closes with very brief personal vignettes appropriate for the day after Valentine's Day.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/15/2016
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