Pro-Gun Bills, International Womens Day, Community Solar

Catherine Mortensen from the National Rifle Association explains the 5 pro-gun bills recently passed in the Iowa House of Representatives and describes how the NRA works to influence gun laws in Iowa. Nathan Gibson, resident of Johnson, IA explains how and why he and his two young daughters have worked for the past three years to get the Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act passed, which would allow children under the age of 14 to use firearms with parental supervision. Lisa Heddens, Representative for Iowa House District 46 in Ames, explains why she voted against the bill.

Members of the Ames Progressive Alliance, Victoria Szopinski, Matthew Goodman, and Betty Baird explain the goals of the Alliance and tell us about the upcoming demonstration at City Hall from the Cedar Falls Simple Solar Project about community solar projects.

Ames International Womens' Day Coalition members Kimberly Hope and Mary Logsdon (Ames Public Library) describe the upcoming International Womens Day event on March 6th at the Ames Public Library from 1-3 PM. There will be discussion groups on various topics. Nancy Halverson (League of Women Voters) descibes the Women in Politics workshop, Swatie Bansal (YWCA) descibes the Women in Business workshop, Eman Mahgoub (ACCESS) descibes women and sex and gender workshop, and Andrea Gronau (Worldly Goods) describes the Children and Gender workshop.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/26/2016
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