Carl Fritz Henning and The Ledges

We took a road trip to the past of our area, starting with Charles Irwin, associate professor of history at DMACC, Boone campus, telling us about Carl Fritz Henning, the man responsible for the campaign to identify the Ledges as a state park. We heard reminisces from his grandson Vernon Condon about the zoo at the Ledges. Mark Edwards, a Boone resident retired from the DNR, recalled experiences from living in the Boone River Valley. We were joined by David Gradwohl, professor emeritus of Anthropology at ISU who talked about archaeological digs at the Ledges, Moingona and Buxton. Our guide through the history of Moingona was Janie Smith. Jim Keegel joined us by phone to tell us about the current tours of the Buxton Historic Site, which is on his land in Monroe County.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 03/09/2016
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