Reliable Street Project, ISU Energy Production & Efficiency

Lyndsay Nissen, Ames native, artist, and visionary community builder, bought the empty building formerly called the Doughboy grain elevator in the western section of Ames that used to be the town of Ontario (annexed by Ames in 1962). She is turning the building into the "Reliable Street" community space to enhance Western Ames and attract creative collaboration. First plans are for a gallery, coffee shop, a space for training artists. Lyndsay sings her original Skunk River Song. Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability at Iowa State University and the City of Ames speaks with Jeff Witt, ISU Utilities Director, about the history of energy production at Iowa State and their ongoing improvements to efficiency, lower pollution, and their footprint reduction.

Originally broadcast 03/11/2016
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