Wolves, Neonicitinoids, and Third Thursday Cafe

Last December, two wolves in different parts of the state were mistaken for coyotes and shot; Iowa DNR wildlife biologist Vince Evelsizer explains why the shooters were not charged. Then, Matt O’Neal of ISU’s Entomology Department follows up on a PFI neonicitinoid webinar with research findings that neonic coatings on soybean seeds are not that useful in Iowa, as their effect wears off before aphids peak. Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach, shares a few laughs with us about taxes, floods, and zoning (and check out the county’s Beacon website!). Then, we preview Thursday’s musical event at KHOI with Shoegaze music and conversation with DJ Steve Weiler (“Little Hits”, Tuesdays at 10:00 PM), musicians Bryon Dudley and Rachel Dudley of Liana, and Third Thursday Café producer Ron Carson.

Originally broadcast 03/14/2016
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