Statehouse Politics, Labor for Learning, Horse Healing

hosted by Greta Anderson

Keith Morgan of Story County Emergency Management gives us a heads-up on Thursday's statewide tornado drill: expect sirens around 10:15 AM. Then state senator Herman Quirmbach describes the legislature's compromise on a 2.25% allowable increase in education funding. Jess Calhoun of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense--Iowa describes her group's trip to the statehouse last Wednesday. Rick Hartmann shares the story of how he turned from conventional row-cropping in his youth to organic horticulture, as owner-operator of Small Potatoes Farm C.S.A. He also describes his participation as a mentor in Practical Farmers of Iowa's Labor for Learning program. Steve Carlson of PFI contributes details, and Larry Kallem, a co-founder of PFI, provides commentary. Finally, Kris Lager of One Heart Equestrian Therapy describes two instances in which horse healing took place: in one, a "knot-headed" adolescent got schooled by a "knot-headed" pony; in another, the horse's rhythm relaxed a man with severe physical disabilities to the extent that a rare vocalization occurred.

Originally broadcast 03/23/2016
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