Bookmobile, Resolve Iowa, DG's, Doctor Murdock

hosted by Greta Anderson

Ames Public Library staff Linda Olson and Daniel Ramey share tidbits and trivia on their regular Wednesday afternoon bookmobile excursion to the North Fareway stop. We hear from sisters Alexis, Allison, and Autumn, three enthusiastic young bookmobile patrons.

Ames attorney and professional mediator, Amy Moore, describes the success of an AMOS program in Des Moines schools using volunteer mediators to help students talk out conflicts and behavior issues. Moore hopes to spread this model to other Iowa school systems through her new nonprofit, Resolve Iowa.

Adam Brimeyer, sound engineer at DG's Taphouse, tells how he was contacted this past Saturday by a member of the Blue Man Group, performing at CY Stephens Auditorium this Tuesday and Wednesday, about hosting a set by a musical offshoot project, Kinky Rhino. KHOI will broadcast this DG's Taphouse show live late Tuesday night.

Third Thursday Café producer Ron Carson introduces Doctor Murdock drummer Jose Mendez, who talks about their adventures in audio recording and the members' side projects this past year. Doctor Murdock will rock the house this (third) Thursday, April 21, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Join us at the station or tune in to hear the live action.

Originally broadcast 04/18/2016
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