Earth Day Alternatives

This Earth Day edition of Local Talk features two alternatives to make our world less toxic. The show begins with a phenology by wildlife correspondent Pat Schlarbaum of the prairie chicken scene in south central Iowa, where the unusual-sounding birds are performing their spring mating ritual.

Then, Ames High School seniors Blake Preston, Kylie Morgan and Jay Amin present their Bluestem Institute project to impact the community: a campaign among area businesses to swap out BPA- and BPS-containing receipt tape for a non-toxic alternative. They are working with Ames Progressive Alliance.

Mike Meetz, a Story County resident, lifelong hunter, and member of hunting and conservation organizations, explains why he uses lead-free ammunition. He describes some of the adjustments required, and why he feels the switch is worthwhile.

Marlene Ehresman, director of the Iowa Wildlife Center and a wildlife rehabilitator, describes what it is like to encounter wild animals that have been poisoned by lead from hunting. On the bright side, she looks forward to parading as a barred owl tomorrow, at Ames' All Species, One Earth Parade from 1:00 to 5:00 PM beginning at the library and ending at Bandshell Park. This is the second year for the event, which Ehresman spearheads.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/22/2016
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