High School Prom Night, Ames High Bluestem Institute

Hosted by Ursula Ruedenberg and Henry Corbin

Rita Lyon and Vicki Tendall, the directors and operators of the dress exchange "Treasured Formal Wear," speak about their outlet in Nevada that lends out prom dresses to high school students at no cost, and other garments for special occasions. They can be contacted anytime at (515) 290-9556 or (515) 382-6509. They are located at Harmony Clothing Closet, 1122 6th Street, in Nevada.

Nadia Abdelazim and Ines El Ouachini, two foreign exchange students in the Nevada Community School District, discuss their preparations for prom and compare it to social events in their home countries of Egypt and France.

Ames High School seniors Allyssa Lehman, Ben Popkin and Aaron Mann, students in Ames High's Bluestem Institute, discuss their final class assignment to carry out a community service project. They plan to create a podcast series on accessing free and healthy food in Ames. Visit their blog on twitter at Foodcast.

Originally broadcast 04/27/2016
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