Carr's Pool, Ames Water, Science Olympiad

Alex Fejfer of the Ames Historical Society describes the history of Carr's Pool, built in just a few weeks with no money down to save Ames children from the hazards of swimming in the Skunk River. Kathy Svec will present a lecture on the topic on Tuesday, May 24.

Lyle Hammes, superintendent of the Ames water plant, compares Ames's water situation to that of Flint, Michigan, and finds there's no comparison. Nonetheless, 303 Ames residents will receive letters with the news that their private service lines may contain lead.

Five Ames students who will paticpat in the 2016 national Science Olympiad competition in Menominee, Wisconsin this weekend describe how they prepare and what they have learned. Nathan Chen, Nick Leng, Marina Len, Jason Chen, and Sarah Song are joined by coaches Carrie Marsh and Peg Barbour, who brought Science Olympiad to this state over 20 years ago, and parent and mentor, Cinian Zheng-Durbin.

Originally broadcast 05/20/2016
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