Nonsense, Gun Sense, and Road Sense

Kim Weaver, Democratic challenger to Representative Steve King, joins us by phone to respond to the Congressman's proposed amendment to block the Treasury's plan to redesign the $20 bill to feature Harriet Tubman.

Victoria Szopinski and Anne Kinzel of the Ames Progressive Alliance bring in Jess Calhoun, organizer with the local group of Moms Demand Gun Sense in America , to discuss "gun sense" and initiatives local governments could take to prevent gun violence.

Finally, former Amesian Paul Doffing brings his collapsible guitar in the studio to play a song and talk about life on his ongoing bike tour. Paul has shows at 400 Pearson St. tonight, DGs Taphouse tomorrow at 5:00 PM and the Des Moines Arts Festival at 1:00 PM.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 06/24/2016
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