Democratic Convention, Ames Apartment Fire, Anti-Nuclear Rally

Ames holds its first city-wide rummage sale, Rummage Rampage. Cynthia McClure reports.

Story City resident Sandy Opstvedt, delegate and member of the Democratic National Committee, was at the Democratic National Convention and shares some of her impressions and description of what delegates do at conventions.

Max Eness announces a rally to protest Nuclear Arms being held at Camp Dodge, Iowa Army National Guard, 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, Iowa.

Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Management Coordinator, uses the story of a recent fire at an apartment building in Ames to illustrate how emergency bring together many agencies - including government, non-profits, business and the university - to address fire victims' needs.

Swiss music celebrates the Swiss National Independence Day.

Originally broadcast 08/01/2016
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