Mosquito Tidbits, Social Security Takeaways, Dog Detection

Hosted by Pat Schlarbaum and Greta Anderson

Brendan Dunphy, Research Associate in the Etymology Department at ISU, talks about his work taxonomizing the mosquito species of Iowa, and shares tidbits of mosquito lore in the context of the zika virus media feeding frenzy.

Sue Olson, AARP’s 4th congressional district volunteer leader and Rob Bingham, volunteer from Ames, talk about the Take a Stand campaign uniting Democrats and Republicans in the political struggle for the continued solvency of the Social Security trust fund. If politicians don’t act now, retirees will be subjected to 25% cuts in the year 2034.

Ames dog trainer Jim Peters brings his talented four-year-old German shepherd into the studio to talk about the many kinds of detection “Rocky” is involved in, from solving cold cases to seeking out Iowa’s endangered turtles.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/12/2016
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