Beginnings and Endings: Schools and the ERP

Hosts: Kay Puttock and Ursula Rudenberg

This program focuses on beginnings and endings: the beginning of the new school year; the ending of the old Roosevelt school as a school and its re-birth as historically-sensitive condos; and the hiring of a new director of the Emergency Residence Project in Ames.

Carrie Dunwalt, the new director of the Emergency Residence Project (ERP) , and Shari Reilly the chair of the board talk about the work that is ongoing and has already been accomplished in Ames to prevent and ameliorate homelessness. All are welcome to the party for Vic Moss, the retiring director of ERP, on August 28 at the Depot Deli, 2:00-4:00 PM.

Alex Fefjar, of the Ames Historical Society talks about the history of the Roosevelt, the much-loved building that once housed an elementary school and is now historically-sensitive condos. You can be at the debut showing of the documentary film The Roosevelt, from Classrooms to Condos if you attend the Annual Benefit Dinner of the Historical Society, on Saturday, August 27.

Three fourth and fifth graders from Sawyer Elementary School visit KHOI studios together with Kathy Hanson, Director of School, Community and Media Relations for the Ames Community School District. They give us a preview of the spoken-word performance they've composed and that they will be performing for the teachers and staff of their school on Monday, to welcome them back at the start of the school year. Together they give an uplifting message about the culture of mutual caring that is being established at their school.

Originally broadcast 08/19/2016
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