CyRide's 40th, Pipeline Update, Th Wrld Bnk

On Tuesday, September 13, it will have been 40 years since CyRide first began operating routes as a city operation (before, it had been a private business, subsidized by the city). Karen Jamison, an employee of CyRide since that date, and Bob Bourne, director from 1981-2006, talk about the early days, when the mid-day was still on a Dial-A-Ride basis and drivers and dispatchers had to make up routes on the fly.

We catch up with pipeline news, including North Dakota's issuing an arrest warrant for Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, who filmed private security guards unleashing vicious dogs and using pepper spray on Native Americans protesting the bulldozing of burial sites. Here in central Iowa, 19 were arrested over the weekend near Pilot Mound, defending the Des Moines River where the pipeline is planned to burrow under; we hear the voice of one public schoolteacher who got hauled off to Boone County Jail along with more "hardened" misdemeanor-doers.

Finally, Jose Mendez and Jon Prosser discuss hiphop and their artistic collaboration: Jose (drummer for Mumfords, Dr. Murdock) does the music and sampling, Jon does vocals. Their new band, Th Wrld Bnk, will open for one of the headliner shows of Maximum Ames, DJ Yella of NWA, at 10:00 PM at DGs on Friday night.

Originally broadcast 09/12/2016
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