Dogs & Horses at Mucky Duck; Literacy Issues

In the first half of the show we visit the Mucky Duck Pub on South Duff in Ames, and speak to dog owners sitting on the patio. They are now able to enjoy their fish and chips or bangers and mash with their faithful pooches lying beside them. Then Mucky Duck owner Marcus Johnson talks about the new policy, and also discusses the origin, and truth/falsity of the alleged reputation of British food!

In the second half of the show the Victoria Szopinsky and Anne KInzel of the Ames Progressive Alliance discuss literacy issues with Helen Blitvich, Vice-President of Decoding Dyxlexia of Iowa. The discussion is chiefly from the point-view of parents of children with reading difficulties, and looks at ways of negotiating the school system and other methods of helping children.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/23/2016
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