Ligntning, Conversations In Chinese, Cheshire Moon

A brief discussion about the nature and dangers of lightning.

Jingtao Wang explains how she has initiated Conversations In Chinese sessions at the Ames Public Library starting October 5th, for those who want to learn and practice Chinese Language. In the coarse of the discussion, she and Chinese American Ames resident, Cinian Zhen-Durbin, exlplain some of Chinese language, history, and the immigrant experience, as well as a long-standing Chinese language academy for children in Ames.

Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman who make up a local band, Cheshire Moon, talk about their upcoming "virtual concert" that they plan to perform from their Ames residence on Thursday night at 7:00 PM to an audience scattered around the country and the world.


Originally broadcast 09/26/2016
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