Webster City This Week, Tom Shroder

Our visit to Webster City started with an orientation from Deb Brown executive director of the Webster City Chamber of Commerce, answering our question about how Webster City attracts visitors and local people to its downtown and to the beautiful nature surrounding it. As it turns out a concert in the park is scheduled this Thursday (September 29) with local musicians Peter Odegaard and River Glen. If you can't be there, you can check out the musicians by clicking their websites. Then I visited Maureen Seamonds of Legacy Learning, Boone River Valley as she described the activities planned for Wild Gatherings Weekend, coming up October 1 and 2. Paul Wierson closed our program talking with Tom Shroder, who be talking about his latest book The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived at the Kendall Young Public Library. The Most Famous Writer . . . is the biography of Shroder's grandfather, McKinley Cantor, 20th century screen writer and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, who grew up in Webster City.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/28/2016
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