Corn Crazy, Concert Backstories, Fleas, Flood Facts

The show starts with Liz Garst previewing her lecture, Corn and Khrushchev: A Brief History of Iowa Agriculture. She describes how Khrushchev went "corn crazy" after his visit to the farm of her grandfather, Roswell Garst.

Eric McIntyre, conductor and musical director of Central Iowa Symphony, shares the stories behind the pieces featured in this coming weekend's concert, From on High and Down Below. Hear about Faust, Parsifal, and a lesser known character who "pays the price" for hunting on a Sunday morning.

Have a child with talent? Sign them up for Ames has Talent. And, this weekend, visit the Ames Area Studio Tour.

Jerri Heid of the Ames Public Library describes efforts last week to rid the building of fleas.

Finally, Keith Morgan brings in Ames Police Chief Chuck Cychosz and Assistant Manager Bob Kindred to discuss their late-night efforts on Thursday September to rescue imperiled Ames residents and monitor the developing crisis. Bottom lines: "Don't Drown, Turn Around" and sign up now for the county's "smart" emergency messaging system.

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