World Food Prize, Occupy the World Food Prize, Church of Stop Shopping

Nicole Barreca, director of communications and events for the World Food Prize, explains the annual awards that will happening this week in Des Moines.

Sharon Donovan, from the Catholic Worker House and chief organizer of the events for Occupy the World Food Prize, a series of week-long events giving an alternative view of world food solutions, and in some cases, protesting the World Food Prize philosophy, gives the schedule of events planned by Occupy the World Food Prize.

Mary Hanson Harrison, US President of the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom, explains how, during this week, also, Monsanto is symbolically being put on trial at the International Tribunal in the Hague and Amsterdam, in Netherlands.

Finally, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping from New York City, and Musical Director Nehemiah Luckett of the Church of Stop Shopping were in the KHOI studio. They are featured artists and performers of Occupy the World Food Prize in Des Moines and will be performing at Trinity United Methodist Church on Wednesday October 12 at 7:00 PM. They preach on the future of food and agriculture, and describe how they are mapping the use of Glyphosate spraying by cities, in proximity to childrens' playgrounds.

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