School Success Redefined, the Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato

Kathy Hanson, director of school, community and media relations for the Ames Community School District, describes the school board's efforts to redefine what success looks like, in a way that includes all learners. Key themes are inclusion, cultural proficiency and collaboration--as well as community involvement.

Is biofortification--the breeding of staple crops to boost nutrient contents--a good thing or bad thing? According to ISU professor emeritus of sociology Cornelia Flora, "it depends." And, it turns out that the orange-fleshed sweet potato, whose developers are honored as this year's World Food Prize laureates, is one of the best examples of biofortification through traditional breeding, participatory crop development and farmer-owned germplasm. Joining us for the conversation is ISU grad student Naboth Bwambale, who was part of a group promoting the sweet potato in his home country of Uganda.

Originally broadcast 10/14/2016
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