The Morning After

Hosted by Susan Franzen and Greta Anderson

Election results focus on the flip of the Iowa Senate, the flip of the U.S. Senate, and what it will mean for Obamacare and the Supreme Court. Lauris Olson wins the full-term Supervisor seat, with Republican Martin Chitty winning the partial-term seat. Two KHOI youth producers, Lydia Lavrova and Lucas Bleyle, offer perspectives and hope for a stronger future together.

Special guest Laura Belin, blogger at Bleeding Heartland, provides perspectives, especially on what the Republican "trifecta" will mean for Iowa law. She also contemplates the uphill struggle Iowa Democratics face with traditional working-class strongholds like Burlington and Council Bluffs flipping to the Republican column. And she poses the possibility of Bruce Rastetter, President of Iowa's Board of Regents, becoming Trump's Secretary of Agriculture.

Finally, Pacifica network reporter Evan Davis interviews Sandy Theiss, executive director of the citizen lobby group Progress Ohio, which works on voting rights issues. With Republicans in control, Iowa may become very much like Ohio in terms of onerous voting restrictions.

Music by Reggie Greenlaw

Originally broadcast 11/09/2016
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