Inclusive Ames, Children's Choirs

Hosts: Ursula Ruedenberg and Kay Puttock

An Invitation to all Ames Citizens from Matthew Goodman and Jess Calhoun of the Ames Progressive Alliance to attend a meeting Inclusive Ames: A Time to Act at the Ames Public Library on Tuesday, November 29 at 6:00-8:00 PM. John Klaus of the Ames Human Relations Commission talks more about the Inclusive Ames event, and also about the work and background of the Human Relations Commission. With holiday concerts in mind, you can learn more about the Ames Children's Choirs' three age-based groups from Shon Stephenson, Executive Director, Christina Svec, Director and Conductor of the Concert Choir, and Mindy Phomvisay, Director and Conductor of the Preparatory and Chorale Choirs. Allsyon Walter of the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau talks about the many exciting events coming up during this holiday season. And finally, KHOI reporter Greta Anderson, who spent the Thanksgiving break at Sacred Stone Camp, the Camp of the Standing Rock Water Protectors, talks briefly about her time there, and promises an upcoming Local Talk program about her visit.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 11/28/2016
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