Baby Rhino, Branstad to China, Story County Volunteers

Bleeding Heartland blogger Laura Belin helps us break down the reconfiguration of Iowa political leadership as Governor Terry Brandstadt accepts the position of Ambassador to China.

The Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines has a baby black rhino, the first rhino born in Iowa. Kevin Drees, director of animal care and conservation for the zoo, tells the story of how the baby was conceived and born, explains the nature and temperament of black rhinos, and describes how the largeness and value of this animal is the perfect symbol for the 50th anniversary of a small zoo that rose to the mission of conservation of endangered species and other big ambitions.

Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability for Iowa State University and also Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Ames, and Anne Owens with the Volunteer Center of Story County describe the state of volunteering in Story County and make the case that volunteering is another embodiment of the holiday spirit.

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