AHS-Biz Collaborative, PC Culture, and Martin House

Kathy Hanson brings in AHS business teacher Vicki Hales and two students, Sabrina Hegelheimer and Carter Mumm, who are participating in the Ames High School Business Engagement Collaborative with the ISU Research Park. They discuss the work they are doing for area businesses, and the skills they are learning during their time outside the school building.

ISU Students for Trump president Austen Giles and ISU associate professor Matthew Ellinwood share viewpoints on the cancellation of the Milo Yiannopoulos talk at ISU last week for security reasons. Giles had hoped Milo would challenge the campus culture of political correctness, which he feels constrains the free flow of ideas. Ellinwood had planned a counter-event to highlight an issue he considers more compelling--the prevalence of poverty in Iowa. Ellinwood and fellow organizers bought $500 worth of Kellogg's products for MICA (Kellogg's was attacked by Breitbart.com after pulling its advertising from the site).

Alex Fejfer of the Ames Historical Society shares the story of Archie and Nancy Martin, whose bungalow-style home at 218 Lincoln Way boarded African-American ISU students who otherwise would have had no place to live. Throughout the years, Lincoln Way has changed but the house has remained, and is now on the Historic Registry.

Originally broadcast 12/16/2016
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