Weather, Chestnuts and Lincoln Way Corridor

Our program today started with the year-end weather prediction by legendary weather forecaster Elwynn Taylor, courtesy of Von Ketelsen of Carroll Broadcasting. Then KHOI Board President Joe Lynch announced that the end of the year KHOI membership drive had met both its goals -- the $25,000 matching grant has been surpassed, with just over $29,000 contributed so far. We also exceeded our 50 member goal for new members.

John Wittrig of J & B's Chestnut Farm told us the story of how the Chinese Chestnut trees he and his wife Betty planted near Winfield, Iowa in 1994, have developed into a crop that is sought after by people from all over the country, thanks in part to his unique but simple packaging (listen for this secret). His shares his enthusiasm for chestnuts as a sustainable food source and culinary delight. John Wittrig and Joe Lynch related different parts of the story of the near extinction of the American Chestnut, and Joe told us the simplest way to roast chestnuts (NOT over an open fire -- Jon Wittrig calls that "musical mis-information")

Dan Culhane, President and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce gave us a wrap up of the accomplishments of 2016 and plans for 2017 with special emphasis on the Lincoln Way Corridor.

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