Maggie Westvold Honors Local Poets

This special program looks towards Memorial Day coming up later this month. Long-time Ames resident and poet Maggie Westvold remembers and honors deceased poets she's known, recalling their lives and influence, reading their poetry, and reading her own poetry about them.

Maggie honors the following poets: Tammalou Maas, Maggie Roetman, Ed Fawkes, Joy Bartley, Dorothy Fyfe, and Mary Nakadate.

Most of these poets, (as well as Maggie herself) were members of Third Stanza, a local poetry group that meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm at Ames Public Library. To learn more about Third Stanza contact Maggie Westvold at (515)232-0728

Originally broadcast 05/11/2017
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