DAPL Pipeline Sabotage - Reznicek and Montoya

On July 24th, Des Moines residents Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek were arrested for taking crowbars to the Utilities Board's sign. They were attempting to remove its letters, in protest against the Utilities Board's refusal to revoke the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), occupying land in Iowa as it crosses our state diagonally. Iowa landowners bear the largest percentage of the DAPL footprint, among Midwestern states. Montoya and Reznicek held a press conference prior to their arrest and revealed that they had waged an 8-month sabotage and arson campaign against DAPL equipment and the pipeline itself. They came to KHOI's studio to tell the story, explain their actions, and deliver a call to action to stop the pipeline.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/31/2017
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