Magic in Story County with Father Time 2018

After talking with Chad Sonka, Lecturer in the Applied Voice and Opera Studio, about the 2018 Metropolitan Opera Auditions to be held in Ames on January 6, we traveled around Story County, focusing on social anchors that make our communities strong – local newspapers, historical societies, and libraries. Marlys Barker, editor of the Nevada Journal and Tri-County Times, talked with us about why she wrote the article "Believe in the magic of your small-town newspaper.” Leaving the magic of small town newspapers, we explored the magic of local historical societies with Father Time (Oge Forre).   The legendary old man invited one and all to "Night at the Museum" with displays that come to life and chat with guests about years past.  This event is coming up on January 4 at the Slater Area Historical Association.  Finally the celebration at the Cambridge City Center inspired a visit with Janet Torson, librarian at the new Cambridge Public Library which will be housed in that building.


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Originally broadcast 03/01/2018
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