Bond Isssue, 50s, Water Forum

Matt Patton, superintendent of Rowland Story School District, discussed the issues facing voters in that area in the bond issue for a new High School Auditorium and Football Stadium on Febuary 6. Mara MacKay, executive director of the Boone County Historical Society, talked with us about the fate of the Mamie Dowd Eisenhower Birthplace that will be under a major item of business at an 2018 Annual Meeting of the Society on January 25. Moving back to Story County, we visited with Shanna Speer, director of the Nevada Public Library, and Jean Friestad, organizer of the new series "Breaking the Ice" which will start with "A Look Back to the 1950's: Baby Boomers, rock-and -roll, values, politics, and the societal changes that still have an impact today."  Turning from books to music, Larry Sloan, owner of the Talent Factory, previewed three upcoming concerts with music from past decades, starting with Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's.  Finally Kevin Techau told us about the next CAFO/Water Quality Forum at Drake University on January 22.


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Originally broadcast 17/01/2018
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