2018 Womens March, January Thaw, IA City Mayor Throgmorton

The Iowa Informer provided a round up of Iowa news in the headlines in state and national news.

Voices from the Womens March on Saturday articulate concerns, fears and hopes of some of the approximately 6,000 people who showed up to rally on the anniversary of the 2017 Women's March that occurred worldwide, including someone bearing a sign with an image of Mary Larson, who recenlty passed away. 

Iowa City's Mayor Jim Throgmorton gave a preview of a lecture to be held at the Design on Main Gallery. His lecture was about lessons learned during his two year administration in Iowa City. He advocated for approaching city development as an "unfolding" instead of a "planning." process. He also described how policies and executive orders from the US President and Iowa Legislature have challenges the goals of his administration and disrupts lives of Iowa CIty residents. Throgmorton is a professor emeritus of urban and regional planning at the University of Iowa, where he taught for 23 years.

KHOI naturalist Pat Schlarbaum talks about natural worls during JanuaryThaw.

Allyson Walter from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau gives a preview of public events and entertainment for the next 6 weeks in Central Iowa. Upcoming events.


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Originally broadcast 22/01/2018
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