Snowy Owl, Women's March

Pat Schlarbaum led off our program today taking us to Swan Lake State Park to talk with Matt Wetrich, Carroll County Conservation Naturalist to discuss why we've seen so many snowy owls this winter.  Moving on to the "Hear Our Vote Rally" in Des Moines last Saturday, reporter Joy B. brought us the voices of diverse participants culminating with Ako Abdul-Samad, Iowa State Representative from the 35th District, urging Muslims to be more outspoken in explaining the many interconnections between their faith and the other Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Judaism.  Christine Nobiss, spoke on behalf of Seeding Sovereignty and Indigenous Iowa in relating the shockingly high numbers of raped and abused Native women. Moving on to upcoming events, we heard an enthusiastic report of the Winter Writing Weekends sponsored by Legacy Learning in the cabins at Brigg's Woods (there's one coming up on January 27 & 28).  Also this weekend Dr. David Csinos will be theologian-in-residence at the United Church of Christ.


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Originally broadcast 24/01/2018
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