Green Dot Exhibition, Chris Martin's Art & Ghana, ISU Symposium for Sustainability

Dennis Hart gives a round-up of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and related papers.

Jasmine Brooks, the violence prevention and green dot coordinator at ISU Student wellness center, describes the current exhibit at  The ReACT Gallery in Reiman Gallery of the Christian Petersen Art Museum at Morrill Hall, a visual exhibition space for exploring and interacting with current event issues that are relevant to the ISU community. The  interactive exhibit is a collaboration between ISU Museums featuring owned art and the Green Dot program. , Green Dot is a violence prevention program that started at ISU in July, whose mission is to decrease power-based personal violence on campus through education, outreach for bystander intervention skills. The exhibit is open to the public until February 16.

Chris Martin, furniture artist, describes Amalgamation, an exhibit of his furniture artworks at the Octagon Art Center's Community Gallery. Some of the works were made in collaboration with a young artist in Ghana. Martin was deeply influenced by the traditional crafts of Ghana, where he spent two years as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer. He has returned to Ghana many times to work with artists and promote their traditional work. He gives his own response to recent disparagement of African nations by the US President. 

MerryRankin, Director of Sustainability for Iowa State and the City of Ames, along with two ISU students,  describes the  ISU 2018 Symposium for Sustainability, occurring at the Memorial Union on February 19th and 20th.

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Originally broadcast 02/09/2018
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