Water Rocks, El Buen Gusto, Utopia

Americorps volunteer Megan Koppenhafen stopped by KHOI on her way to the Sioux Empire Water Festiva in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to tell us about Americorps, Vista, and Conservation Corps programs, as well as to share some of the music she and other volunteers will be celebrating at Water Rocks with hundreds of fourth graders gathered for this fun and educational event.  A story in the Perry News about the closing of El Buen Gusto, a Salvadoran Restaurant, because of visa problems of longtime residents Carlos and Edith Barco, sent me to get the story in Perry. Marisa Barco told about the repeated delays in her parents' citizenship application resulting in non-renewal of the visa.  Concerned citizens at the Chamber of Commerce told the response of the town to threat to Salvadoran residents, students, home and  business owners. Jenny Ecklund, owner of La Poste; the restored post office; librarian Mary Murphy; and city administrator, Sven Peterson; expressed support of the whole community for Hispanics United for Perry. Finally, Loween Getter gave us a preview of Utopia - The Iowa Musical Revuethe featured play for the Iowa Community Theatre Association Convention to be held in Webster City.


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Originally broadcast 03/14/2018
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