Sanctuary City Law, Re-Homing Pets

Dennis Hart gives a roundup of this past week’s news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and related local papers.

Last TuesdaySenate File 481, known as the ban on Sanctuary Cities, was signed into law by Governor Reynolds. Supporters say the new law will maintain public safety and uphold the rule of law, while critics argue that the new Iowa law is an anti-immigrant law that will only stoke racial fears that could fuel discrimination. Tom Ferguson, Executive Director of the Iowa County Attorney’s Association, helps explain this law and it’s effects. Included also is a statement by Rita Bettis, ACLU ofIowa

Merry Rankin, ISU and Ames Sustainability Director, Marlene Ehresman from the Iowa Wildlife Center, and Amy Yokum from Story CountyConservation talk about ways to “re-home” pets when they can no longer be kept – alternatives to setting them “free” in nature where they will not be able to survive and can cause environmental damage as well. Rummage Rampage will, this year, allow people to drop off unwanted pets and aquariums.


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Originally broadcast 04/13/2018
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