2018 International Womens' Day

2018 International Womens' Day, was celebrated with a gathering at the Ames Public Library on  March 4th.  This year’s theme is “Press for Progress.” 

Jamet Colton, local community leader and activist, gave the keynote address, discussing her experiences growing up in Santiago, Chile, under the regime of dictator Pinochet. Colton has made Ames her home since 2000 with her husband, Chase, and son, Tiago. She works as a Spanish language interpreter at Primary Health Care.  Previously, she was an educational assistant and interpreter for families in the Ames school district. She was honored to receive the 2017 Ames Humanitarian Award for her work to build bridges in the community and promote diversity, inclusion and equity and she was elected to the Ames school board in the fall of 2017.

International Womens' Day has been an annual event since 2005, when communities and organizations collaborate to increase awareness of women’s issues. Sponsoring groups included Ames Public Library, Worldly Goods, KHOI, ACCESS Assault Care Center, League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County, Iowa Resource for International Services, Wheatsfield Coop, and the YWCA at Iowa State University.

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