Weiss Music Collection and Jazz Party

John Basart (host of KHOI's "Hot Jazz Review") was co-host of our tribute to Harry Weiss in honor of the Weiss family's donation of his extensive collection of CDs and records to KHOI.  In so doing, the Weiss family brough ensured that Harry's lifelong love of jazz music and passion for bringing that music, and an appreciation and understanding of jazz music, to the larger Iowa community. His son David Weiss described his father's musical enthusiasm. 

For at least 14 years, Harry and Marion Weiss and their good friends Don and Donna Newbrough sponsored a jazz party in Ames. Each year they brought in top-flight musicians and hosted the event at the Gateway Center Hotel, with 250-300 jazz fans from around the state attending each event. Donna Newbrough describe how these events began and how the Weisses and the Newbroughs collaborated to invite "the best of the best" musicians and make them feel at home in Ames. 

John Basart selected four selections to celebrate the day.


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Originally broadcast 04/25/2018
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