Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and we have a special program honoring the distinguished individuals who have lost their lives while serving the US military hosted by Sequan Gatlin. Dennis Hart opened the show with his weekly local news update from the page of the Ames Tribune. 

Following the weather report for the week, KHOI chairmen Joe Lynch spoke about his farm and how the weather is impacting his work. 

Sequan Gatlin gave us his Points to Ponder, a new segment proposing a question and different angles to consider on the topic. 

Henry Corbin provided us with a special Memorial Day Address speaking about the meaning behind the poppy flower and the importance of honoring those who have gone before us. 

Finally, the show concluded with poetry from Maggie Westvold detailing the experience of military personnel and honoring family during Memorial Day.


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Originally broadcast 05/28/2018
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