Scandinavian Days, Tom Flack, Cemeteries, Sadika and YES

Dennis Hart's regional news opened the show before our Story City guests came to give us a preview of Scandinavian Days.  Sam Barnes, Scott Johnson, and Melissa Asklof (cast members ofJudge Story Theatre Company's production of Mary Poppins) told about the 21st century version of the old favorite.  Jay Wilcox, director of the Story City Greater Chamber Connection, gave us a rundown on Scandinavian Days 2018.

The second half of our show continued the Memorial Day (Week) theme in unique ways.  We remembered Tom Flack, who died this spring.  Then we explored Story City's pioneer cemeteries in a conversation between Jerry Sowers (Sowers Cemetery) and Paul Wierson (Boe Cemetery) and the protection of the State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries.  Finally, Del Christiansen, the executive director of IRIS, Iowa Resourcefor International Servicetold us about the impact of the death of Sabika, on the nation-wide community of international exchange students in the YES program.


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Originally broadcast 05/30/2018
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