Dan/Ray Wetherell and Forgotten Iowa History, Jefferson Bell Tower Days, Watersheds

Highlighting how the passion of the late Daniel Ray Wetherell (Dan), librarian, reinvigorated the love of the local library in his hometown of Sutherland, Iowa, we spoke with the Connie Cody, president of the General N. B. Baker Library, and vice president, Nancy Hill.  Uncovering another side of how Wetherell's passion for Iowa history inspired the The Forgotten Iowa Historical Society FACEBOOK page, we spoke with one of the administrators of the page, Linda Artlip Weinstein, who described how "Ray" (Wetherell's FACEBOOK moniker) designed a site that has attracted 52,000 members, and how they plan to continue after his death.  

Switching to events of the week, we spoke with Emily Reece, Festival Chair for the 2018 Jefferson Bell Tower Festival.  On a more subdued note Jim Pease, chair of the Story County Conservation Board, and Dan Haug, Watershed Educator for Prairie Rivers of Iowa, told us about a press conference to be held this afternoon to introduce the public to road signs naming the creeks that make up the watersheds of the various rivers of Iowa.


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Originally broadcast 06/06/2018
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