Learning Iowa’s History, Rummage Rampage

Pat Schlarbaum shared information about not interfering with nature and “rescuing” critters that might appear to be in danger. Host, Gale Seiler spoke with Katy Swalwell, a professor in the School of Education at ISU, about her new book called Amazing Iowa Women A to X, and her summer course called Teaching and Learning Iowa’s History. That course focuses on sovereignty and settlement of American Indians in Iowa and Anti-Black racism in Iowa.

Merry Rankin, from the Office of Sustainability at ISU, Bill Schmidt from the City of Ames, and Stan Rabe from ACTORS stopped by the show to talk about getting involved in Rummage Rampage which takes place at the end of July and is becoming an Ames tradition. People can volunteer through the Volunteer Center of Story County.


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Originally broadcast 06/08/2018
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