Turtle Genomes, 110 Personalities, Wheels for Work

Today’s host, Josh Oren, opens up this Wednesday’s Local Talk with KHOI civic reporter Dennis Hart’s rundown of the local news. 

Nicole Valenzuela, a professor from the department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology at Iowa State University, is interviewed by Marie McCarthy, and explores the topic of genomes and the connection between birds and turtles to dinosaurs. The website to Nicole Valenzuela’s website can be found here:


Kay Berger, licensed therapist, sat down to talk with Paul Wierson about her book, “I, We, or Whoever, One Woman with 110 Lives (Not Counting the First One)”, which tells about a former patient of Berger’s that was diagnosed with multiple personalities. 

Casey Johnson, owner of Ames Ford Lincoln, came in to talk about his program, Wheels for Work, which provides transportation for single mothers escaping domestic violence situations. Casey also talks about the impact and difference the program has made, and discusses how people can donate and contribute to the cause.


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Originally broadcast 06/20/2018
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