Yoga+Craft Brews, Community Academy, Cycle gAmes

We started of the show with the news from Dennis Hart. There was then a recording about the event coming up on July 1st (this Sunday) called Yoga+Craft Brews. The event is put on by Alluvial Brewing Company and allows people to come in and do yoga while enjoying craft beers, coffee and more. Our next segment was about the Community Academy which is a program that a group of Ames teachers are trying to start.Collin Richert was interviewed. The program would start with a "Summer Experience" to see if people are interested in making this a viable resource. The website for it is Our final segment was about Cycle gAmes that will be happening June 30 (tomorrow). Amber Corrieri came in to talk about the event which includes a 8-mile ride, 40-mile ride and food among other things. The event is being put on by mainstream living and can find more information at


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Originally broadcast 06/29/2018
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