Ragbrai, Rental Gap, Trafficking

On this July 25th edition of Local Talk, Dennis Hart opened the show with news from the Boone News Republican, the Nevada Journal, the Story City Herald and the Tri-County Times. 

Ursula Ruedenberg and Maggie Westvold interviewed RAGBRAI riders live from Brookside Park! Hear what the riders had to say about the event.

Greta Anderson had a great deal of information to share about the events of RAGBRAI including activities and vendors participating in the festivities. Many riders also shared their stories with Greta. 

Javier Miranda from the Ames Tenant Union spoke to hosts Dennis Hart and Paul Wierson about the Ames Rental Gap, a time where students may find themselves homeless for up to 2 weeks in transition to the next semester. Tim Kirchoff, also of the Tenant Union, joined the conversation by phone. 

At the end of the program, Iowa State lecturer Alisa Stoehr discussed human trafficking with our engineer, Jackie Norman.


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Originally broadcast 07/25/2018
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